Friday, January 16, 2009

Bitch Slap of Common Sense: You are a Weirdo

Lucy: So this girl I knew in high school found me on Facebook. I told her I was writing a romance novel, and made a joke about heaving bosoms. She read it as me talking about how much I like having bosoms. Isn’t that funny?

Lucy’s Hubby: Yeah.

Lucy: I told her I did like having bosoms though.

Lucy’s Hubby: So you haven’t talked to this girl in 10 years?

Lucy: Nope.

Lucy’s Hubby: And your first conversation you mention heaving bosoms.

Lucy: Yes.

Lucy’s Hubby: This, honey, is why people think you are weird.

Lucy: Oh. Really?

Lucy’s Hubby: Yes.

Lucy: So that’s why.

Lucy’s Hubby: Yes.

Lucy: Well, okay. Do you think I’m weird?

Lucy’s Hubby: Yes.

Lucy: Do you mind?

Lucy’s Hubby: No

Lucy: Well that’s good. I do like heaving and having bosoms.

Lucy’s Hubby: I like you having bosoms, too.

1 comment:

Britni said...

I would totally have a conversation with someone I hadn't talked to in years, or ever, about having bosoms. But I am inappropriate like that.

Also, hi, it's TheVaginaWig from Jez :)