Thursday, November 6, 2008

POOP not GOOP: We're So Amazing We POOP Art!

This week Gwyneth’s GOOP newsletter was very illuminating. She told us about something we had never heard of before – Art.

You see, apparently, “Art” is pretty pictures or nice paperweights that people assemble into one place, called a “Museum”. The many beautiful pictures she sent us were neato.

If you live in New York, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago or New Orleans, you can see some of this “Art” in the real lifes! If you don’t, well then screw you. You others can go visit the Crate & Barrel second tier shop for poors that she links to to see some water glasses.

Obviously, since we are hacks who write on the “internet”, we know nothing about this elitist, museumey “Art”. But we think Art should be for all the peoples, even those who live in Des Moines or Orlando, or some other horrible backwater. In this spirit, we introduce POOP ART, made by us, and accessible to all!

For POOP ART we thought… what inspires us? Ethel and I agree on this point. Hot men inspire us. Cute fuzzy animals inspire us. So, without further ado, we present.

POOP #1: Matthew McConaughey, With Lemurs. Digital, 2008.

POOP #2: Giant Panda, With Small Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Digital, 2008.

POOP #3: James McAvoy, With Kittens aka LOL JAMEZ. Digital, 2008.

and finally, the piece de resistance:

POOP #4: Daniel Craig, With Baby Elephants. Unicorns & Moonbeams, 2008.

Ethel and I hope you can enjoy the “Art” we have created to share with you. It’s not as “fancy” as that museum stuff, but it’s got a good beat you can dance to. Who knows? Maybe Gwynnie will be a fan some day!




Lynda said...

LOL seems young ms paltrow can't cut a break this week.. I also posted about her pretentious newsletter and have had a tonne of comments - Love your take on it!

From one BHB to another...Cheers LuLu

SisterMaryMartha said...

I came here because I heard Daniel was pooping moonbeams. Where are the moonbeams?

Also, Jez commenting is lebroke for me.

rosasparks said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I just died looking at D.C.

I was on morninggloria's blog and found you.

The laughing never ceases.