Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bitch Slap of Common Sense!

To ring in the New Year, here at Brutally Honest Babes we are going to inaugurate a new feature: the Bitch Slap of Common Sense. Upon reading a Bitch Slap of Common Sense post, the question asker is directed to slap their forehead hard and examine why they do not have the sense the Good Lord gave them. Slap may be administered by a friend as well. We encourage that.

From Ask JohnQ.com: We have a lady in our church that is always fanning herself the problem is she does not realize that as she is doing this she is also fanning the people sitting around her. One day my wife's arm was ice cold from this lady fanning herself. I feel sorry for her that she is always so hot but how can I politely tell her that she is making other people cold with her fanning? I don't want to hurt her feelings but she does sit near us quite often and the cold wind is very uncomfortable. Please help.

Dear You Can Hear The Fanning Wind In-Between Your Ears, Can’t You?

Sit somewhere else.

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