Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Daily Grind Can Lead to Other Grinding

Dear Brutally Honest Babes:
I have a crush on a guy a work. We work in different departments, but see each other everyday. He stops by my office a few times a day. I think we’re both worried about dating someone from work. What should I do?

Dear Daily Grind Would-Be Dater,
Go with your gut. Many matches are begun in a working environment. We Babes met our men while on the job. Kudos to this dude because he works in a different department from you, so you two won't be easily distracting one another or getting in trouble, (or embarrassing your co-workers). If he works up the nerve to ask you on a date FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T YOU GO ASKING HIM OUT FIRST, THAT IS A NO-NO! then by all means have a go. If he just keeps stopping by to visit, flirt. Flirt until he does ask you out. If you hit it off, then both of you make a concerted effort to conduct yourselves professionally while in the working environment, and keep the romance for after hours.

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Jovan said...

Just curious... why shouldn't the woman ask out the man?