Friday, March 14, 2008

BOSS is a Four-Letter Word

Dear BHB's:
My manager habitually uses foul language during business meetings, and I think the jackass ought to be reprimanded. I ain't exactly a nun, but I do manage to keep my bad words to myself when on the clock because it's against company policy (hello! harassment!). I don't want to go to Human Resources with this, because if I do, somehow it will come back to bite me in the ass. Besides, I hate a snitch. What's your fucking opinion?
Fed Up With Foul Boss

Dear Fucking Fed Up:
Presumably these fucking business meetings involve a number of other employees who also bear witness to your manager's foul mouth. If you like your damn boss, then maybe you and several others can speak to him privately and express your concern over his shitty vocabulary.

If you fucking hate him, then get a mini fucking tape recorder and record him talking shit in one of your fucking shit ass meetings. Then, get your pussy ass friends to fucking buck up, and as a group present the shit to H.R.

Or, if you still can't stomach the tattletale thing, then just feel free to indulge in copious usage of fucking bad words, and encourage your pals to do the same, and fucking force your asshole manager to deal with the damn situation. Hell, if he tries to punish you, and/or your fucking cohorts; simply remind him of his own public indiscretions. I'm pretty fucking sure he doesn't want HIS boss to know what a fuckhead he really is, so probably that should put the whole damn affair to rest. Shit.

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