Monday, March 3, 2008


i am a girl,16 years old.i am in a relationship right now that has started 8 months ago.he first texted me and told me who he was,because i hadn't noticed him before.we started chatting by messages,when finally,several months later,we became a couple.he is not very attractive in my opinion but i overlooked that because everyone were telling me he was a very good guy.we had a quite normal relationship,but it was obvious(not only to the two of us,but to everyone else as well)that i had the control of him and of the relationship.he once told me he loved me.i wasn't feeling the same,but there were times when he made me so,i told him that i loved him,too even though it wasn't quite,he kept saying he loved me lots of times.and one day i told him to break up.i don't remember why.but he started crying in front of me!that was when i seriously got sick of him.since then,numerous times i had told him i wanted to be with him,and he accepted,and some days later i wanted to break up.i had other relationships in the meantime,so as he,but i keep returning at him,hoping it will be the last time we will break up.also,a lot of people,usually mine and his friends,tell me he loves me,and i keep hurting him,and i know they think im a really bad person and i should stop doing this.but i really don't know why i keep returning at him or why i keep telling him to break up.i think i feel secure and lovable around him,and i also feel like he's the only one who understands me,but im not sure if i am attracted to him anymore.sometimes i even feel like i know him too much and i get bored around him.and he puts pressure on me by saying he loves me,since i can't say the same anymore.right now we are together again,but it only lasted for a week,because yesterday i told him i need some time to think.i know i should break up with him for the last time,but if i have this feeling again after a while and still want him??and i can't take anymore people telling me i hurt him!i know that,and it's not like i want to hurt him!after all,as selfish as it sounds,i think that first is my feelings and then everyone's else.i seriously don't know what to do!help!

Dear Sweet-and-Sour Sixteen:
You are 16 years old. Friggin' sweet s i x t e e n! We'll tell you what to do. Stop watching shitty reality TV shows and thinking that's how you're life should be. Dump all the boys. Yes, even whiny, crying boy. Especially him. Forever. Hell, maybe you're a lesbian and you don't even know it yet. Get a hobby. For goodness' sake, pay attention in school! Learn how to type "I" as a capital letter. Set some goals for yourself. Join the army. Practice inline skating. Climb Mount Fuji. Learn another language (OK, in your case, start with English). And stop being so selfish. Self-fulfillment comes from helping others. Take a look at Mother Theresa's life. That would have been one hell (excuse us, departed Sister, "heck") of a reality show, as well as a reality check. You're 16. Live and learn.


Anonymous said...

Ah, silly BHB, you mean "how YOUR life should be," not "how YOU'RE life should be." The irony is delicious. :)

Still love y'all, though. ;)


Brutally Honest Babes said...

OY, alas and alack, we is human, too.