Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Amazing Disappearing Douchebag!

Dear "BHBs":
My ex-boyfriend also happens to be my manager at work. Though I endeavor to maintain a courteous work relationship with him, he is a total douchebag. If I casually say, "Hi" to him, he remarks, "I don't want your 'pity hi.'" He demands that I not speak of our break-up at work or to anyone we both know which is fine by me since I dumped him. However, he has blabbed of our personal relations to anyone and everyone who will listen. He also tells other people how "used" he feels because he claims to have pulled strings to get me my position in the first place. He already once asked me to quit, because seeing me is too "painful" for him. Thank God he does not have the authority to fire me. Oh yeah, and he is already carrying on publicly with two other women I work with. As uncomfortable as he now makes my work existence, I refuse to quit. I intend to stick it out, but how can I get him to leave me alone in the meantime?
Yours Truly,
Hostile Work Environment Ex

Dear At Least You're Not Still Dating the Douchebag:
Kill him. Quietly. Leave no evidence. Ha ha, just kidding! No, but seriously, we do recommend the following: Get yourself a new boyfriend, pronto. Preferably one with mob connections. Explain your dilemma to new boyfriend. Tell him you would like your "past mistakes" to disappear. When your past mistake conveniently does disappear, without a trace,
take over his position as manager and do your best to create a pleasant, productive work environment for your new employees. Oh, and you may want to institute a N0-Dating policy at work.

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