Friday, May 16, 2008

Could You be a Victim of Date Poop?

Dear BHBs:
I have agreed to a date that I'm not sure I want to go on. You see, it happened like this, I was outside my apartment complex taking my dog for a walk when one of my neighbors approached me to chat. He seems like an OK guy, 20 years old (a bit younger than me, let me tell you!), Ukranian, and speaks little English. He said to me, "So, do you want to go to the restaurant?" I had on no make-up and my dog was pooping and I said, "Yes." Now I'm stuck. Did I do a bad thing? Should I try to get out of it?
Poopingly Yours

Dear Some People are into That Kind of Thing:
Well, we shall revert to our patent answer in this case. Go with your gut. Your female intuition should have told you by now whether this guy might be unhealthy for you. If you have any warning bells at all sounding in your head, then please please find a way to politely but firmly cancel the date. From your description of this Poop Date fellow, however; it seems like you think he's kosher, but maybe just not your type. If that is the case, why not let him buy you dinner at "the restaurant" and get to know him a little.

Maybe he is just looking for good, strong American female to make for wife for bringing of all relatives of Ukraine to U.S.A. Or, maybe he just likes you. Of course, if you opt to give him a chance, you may want to consider driving separately and meeting at the restaurant as well as leaving separately (although he obviously already knows where you live). Carry pepper spray.

Consider this, maybe you'll click with said foreigner somehow. Maybe you can live out Ethel's fantasy of hot sex with a good-looking non-English speaking stranger! Oh, just so you know, in Ethel's fantasy, there is no poop.

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