Saturday, July 19, 2008

From Russia With Love

Dear BHB's:
I also have a "sometimesy" friend. She stood me up for a lunch date last month and did not return my phone calls when I tried to find out what had happened to her. After many weeks of zero communication from her, she suddenly called out of the blue all chumsey-like. She vaguely apologized for the lunch mishap, saying she suddenly flew to Morocco--she is Russian and her husband Moroccan. In the midst of our phone call she got another call coming in and put me on hold, for like, 8 minutes, until I finally gave up and hung up. I made one vain attempt to call her back later; but when she did not answer I declined to leave a message. Is this some cultural misunderstanding, or is she just rude?
Tired of All the Borscht-shit

Dear Have Some Vodka and Call it a Day:
We like the word "chumsey" too. Definitely sounds good with "sometimesy." We are a-feared that your friend is not much of a friend. Seems like she probably does inconsiderate crap like this all the time--probably not just to you. Culture-schmulture, true friendship knows no bounds. It is universally understood. Her brand of friendship is casual at best. No use in being offended, just take it or leave it. If you and she do have happy times sometimes, enjoy them. Just don't expect a phone call the morning after.

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