Monday, September 17, 2007

Dear Someone Else: I LIKE BOOBS!

Here at Brutally Honest Babes, we understand that at first no one has any idea who we are. So, we will take advice questions from other sites and answer the questions. Better. Below is an example.

DEAR E. JEAN (Elle): Excuse my frankness, but I want boobs. I’m 24 and still stuff my bra. My mom constantly tells me how dangerous implants are, and my friends tell me my body is fine; I’ve never heard a complaint from any man I’ve dated, so getting them done would be for me only. However, I’m obsessed. I think of them all the time. What do you think? Should I do it? —Enhancing What I Don’t Have

Dear Enhancing What I Don’t Have:
If you are truly obsessed with boobs, perhaps you are subduing latent lesbian tendencies? Get the implants, get a girlfriend, and the both of you do jumping jacks naked while listening to the “Otto Titsling” song on the Beaches soundtrack.

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Anonymous said...

jumping with big boobs hurts