Friday, September 14, 2007

Unsolicited Advice: Dear Britney Spears

We know, we know. Everyone is talking about Brit. But we’re a new blog trying to get hits, so putting Britney Spears in our posts is sure to increase hit count (Britney Spears naked, Britney Spears meltdown, Britney Spears alien abduction.)

Here at BHB think that Britney is on the right track completely. People seem to want Brit to claim her old career back. As she proved at the VMAs, she doesn’t want her old career back ya’ll! All that singing, recording, rehearsing, blah blah blech! It’s too hard. Paris (Paris Hilton naked, Paris Hilton meltdown, Paris Hilton is an alien) has proved that “work” and “ability” are not necessary for fame. And we think Brit’s Southern-fried performance art is the best thing we’ve ever soon! You can take the ho out of Cracker-ville, but you can’t take Cracker-ville out of the ho. She is both an entertainment and a public service. Fame whoring stage parents the world over can threaten, “Do you want to turn out like Britney Spears?” to their children. Kids in red states who don’t get Sex-Ed classes anymore now know what a hoo-hoo looks like! Don’t turn back now Britney! Keep up the nasty nasty good work.

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