Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Babes and "The Rules"

Dear Brutally Honest Babes:
I’m tired of waiting for men to ask me out. I’ve read The Rules, but I’m ready to break them. Would it totally turn a man off if I asked him out?

Dear Would-Be Rule Breaker:
We two BHB have discussed this very matter at length. We have very specific ideas on the subject. One of us bought “The Rules” for the other; the other followed it, and had to beat the men off with a stick. Many empowered women will tell you to ask a man out if you want to. We empowered women say do not ask a man out. Ever. We repeat: do not ask a man out. Men like to chase. That bears repeating as well: men like to chase! They cannot chase what chases them.

That being said, there are ways to achieve what you want. Being alluring yet slightly unattainable will make him work for you, which he will enjoy. You can in turns flirt then ignore (this worked for one BHB to catch her now husband), be sexy around him (sexy, not slutty), find out if you share any interests, etc. Put the idea into his head that you are made for each other, without ever coming out and saying it. Let him think it was his idea. Some might say this is game playing. It is! A Lady is entitled. She can be every feminine thing without being lesser than a man.

If these things do not elicit a date query, then perhaps it’s just not meant to be. Use your wiles on a more deserving specimen.

PS - Thank you for being our very first questioner! *Squee!*

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Zippy said...

Hmmm....I have mixed feelings on this one. I've heard from men both ways - they either really like a confident assertive woman or are absolutely terrified by her. But the Babes are right on one thing - men like the chase. It's what to do with them after they catch you that's really the problem to solve!