Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dear Someone Else: Just a Little Harmless Ass Grabbing!

Here at Brutally Honest Babes, we understand that at first no one has any idea who we are. So, we will take advice questions from other sites and answer the questions. Better. Below is an example.

Dear Cubicle Coach (Marie Claire):
I work in a male-heavy office where banter often leads to sexual jokes about the female receptionist. I don't want to make a big deal of it, but I do think their talk is offensive. Should I just laugh along like one of the guys?

Dear Beatrice Arnold,
We here are BHB love the new show on AMC called “Mad Men”. It’s set in the early 1960s and is chock full of the sexual harassment women have been fighting to end for 40 years now. Well, all women but you. Bet your sweet-ass-in-that-tight-little-dress those same men are laughing along about you when you’re not around. I’m not sure how you missed this memo, but Sexual Harassment is against the law now! We don’t have to put up with that bullshit anymore. Google Anita Hill, grow some balls, and make a stand about it. How can you look the receptionist in the eye if you don’t? We suggest a tape recorder, to make the reporting easier. Document everything. For your receptionist’s sake, good luck.

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Zippy said...

Good god! Mow these guys down with some good feminist whiplashing. The Babes are right on with this one - would you like this to be YOU they are talking about? Because most likely, they are!